Frequently Asked Questions

Q:   How can Headlight Restoration Pros help me?

A:    If you need your headlights restored, HRP can locate you a professional headlight restoration service in your area.
Please call 1-800 269-1150 or Contact Us

Q:    What does Headlight Restoration Pros do?

A:   We provide a nationwide Headlight Restoration Shop Locator, supplies, plus complete training, shop certification and business promotion via web page listings and website design.

Q:   How do I know they will do a good job restoring my headlights?

A:   All of our shops listed in our directory are certified to be knowledgable in headlight restoration plus all of our members listed promise a one year (or more) satisfaction guarantee on any work performed.

Q:   How much does it cost for headlight restoration?

A:   The average price is approx. $75 for both headlights. Each shop is independently owned and operated. Pricing varies depending on shop, location, type of restoration, and other factors such as headlight condition.

Q:   Is there a charge for mobile service?

A:   Most of the shops listed on Headlight Restoration Pros do not charge extra for mobile service. Not all shops offer mobile service.

Q:   Where is Headlight Restoration Pros located?

A:   Our office is located in sunny San Diego, California

Q:   Why use the Headlight Restoration Pros Shop Locator?

A:   It is always better to use a certified business and we try to only list the best headlight restoration services in our directory. The main reason to let HRP find you a certified shop is the one year satisfaction guarantee on headlight restoration service that all HRP certified shops promise.

Q:   How can I learn how to do headlight restoration?

A:   Please visit our training site:

Q:   How do I list my headlight restoration business on HRP?

A:   To get your shop certification, web page ad, directory listing, HRP decals for only $59 per year, click this link: Join Us.

Q: If I list my headlight restoration business with HRP, where will my listing appear?

A.   Your full size web page ad will be indexed and listed on Google, Yahoo, Bing, MSN, and more!  Your ad is also linked to our Shop Locator on this site and also on

Q: Do you charge for Certification?

A:   No. Shop Certification is included with the annual HRP listing providing that your headlight restoration service includes a warranty that guarantees the lens to stay clear for a min. of one year (or more). To submit your business Click on List Your Business

Q: How does the shop rating system work?

A: If you would like to let us know how a headlight restoration shop is doing, simply fill out the Shop Evaluation Form.  We will add the shop to our directory (or update the shop rating) if it is already listed). We appreciate your input!

Q: Do you offer a discount if I pre pay the membership?

A: Yes, click on: Annual Listing  to get our best offer.

Do you offer Training or Products outside of the USA?

A: Yes we do. Click on: HRP International Training Program

Can I subscribe to HRP for special offers, email updates etc?

A: Yes you can. Please sign up for email updates below.